Emblem3 Spencer Sutherland
The Hapless Romantic

Thursday, November 13 2014
6:00 PM Door | 7:00 PM Show

Upstate Concert Hall 1208 New York 146
Clifton Park, New York 12065

$25 Adv | $28 Day of Show
On sale at all Ticketmaster Locations, The Club Box Office, and The Northern Lights Smoke Shop


Ingredients include: a splash of Sunshine, a dash of champagne, a dazzling flower and a few drops of rain, memorable nights, looking up at the stars, dreams of bright lights and fancy cars, but A humble mindset with a confident heart, are all we need to kick start this art.
  "We do this because we don't know what else to do, In the past few years I feel like we`ve gotten so lost in the sound of music that we couldn't find our way out if we wanted to. Its almost like we`ve reached this enlightened, eternal bond, Like a silent connection shared with and through sound. Its life."- Emblem3
  The california sun streaming through the curtains is our alarm clock. The smoke from the over cooked cinnamon rolls awakens the fire alarm which sends a piercing, yet constant beeping sound through out the house, we recognize the intense pulse of the alarm and instinctively beat box to its rhythm. Its the horns, the sirens, the rhythm of the tides rollin, the over tones of life in general that generate the proper environment for this self-sustaining system of inspiration (Emblem3) to flourish. A sound birthed somewhere in the midst of The confusion of society and the simplicity of nature. The best of both worlds including the raw serenity nature provides as well as the up beat colors of the city.
  When people ask what we sound like we usually tell them what Fat Daniel from Kiss-FM said after "E3" won the Orange County Battle of the bands. " Its like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz had a baby and LIL WAYNE was baby sitting." Interesting. But the real question here is why the hell would Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson let LIL WAYNE baby sit there kid?
  When that sexy, seductive saxophone dirty dances with the rhythms of the percussion and bass and align soundly with the bounce of the reggae yet slightly jazzy guitar, it creates the perfect foundation for the lyrical genius and rhythmic patterns of the hip-hop vocals. Add a catchy hook with a perfect three part harmony and there you have it. the protons, electrons and neutron placed together in the perfect way to create a beautiful energy, a beautiful,unique, distinct new sound.
  Fresh to the industry, We strive for success. Not the Typical money women cars glory and power kind, But rather to share our art to the world. There is no greater joy then making people happy while doing what you love. To us that is success.
(Source: Agent Provided)